13SKIN1-articleLargeHarvard University conducted a study, to show how makeup does in fact significantly alter how women are perceived by others at first glance and over time. Participants of both men and women, were asked to judge a variety of women’s photos based on a number of characteristics including attractiveness, competence, likeability, and trustworthiness.

In the study, 2 groups were asked to rate photos of female faces with varying levels of makeup applied by a professional makeup artist, each look named “Barefaced”, “Natural”, “Professional” and “Glamorous”. The 1st group only saw photos for 250 milliseconds, while the 2nd group had an unlimited amount of time to examine them.

Findings revealed cosmetics have a significant and automatic effect on judgements of not just attractiveness & likeability, but long term deliberate judgments of over all character such as competence & trustworthiness. The study also revealed that positive perception decreased especially trustworthiness, as the women applied more makeup IE: “Glamorous” look. So, what does all of this mean? Like it or not, women are judged by their makeup application.

What can we do with this information? The good news is, you can use this information to your advantage. Pretty Professional can give women the power to determine which aspects of their personality they want to communicate to others.


*Is distracting IE: red blemishes, under-eye darkness & discoloring in skin
* Gives the impression of appearing unpolished.
* People think you’re indifferent, not only in your appearance but in your profession.

* Is distracting, preoccupy people with your face and not your mind.
* People think you’re more concerned with your appearance, not your business.
* Can be seen as a shield, something you’re hiding behind.

In the end participants were more favorable to the photos of women wearing “some” degree of makeup versus the “Barefaced” or “Glamorous” photos. Pretty Professional wants to show you how to apply your makeup in a subtle way, so you fall somewhere between the “Natural” & “Professional” look. That way the person you’re talking to is focused on what you’re saying and not your face. The goal is to get past the initial impression with flying colors, and move onto the business task at hand and let your skills shine through.



1319572713267One may argue, they don’t need makeup to look polished. That they’re business skills and competence are the same with or without makeup. Pretty Professional agrees with that point, but then why not wear blue jeans and tennis shoes to a corporate meeting or show up with un-brushed hair? You’re still that same competent person with the jeans on, but be assured, you won’t be perceived as such. If your appearance lacks attention, you’re already off to a bad start and have to work that much harder to repair their perception of you. We’ve all heard the saying, “Dress for Success”…well it applies to your face too. Sign up for a Pretty Professional seminar and learn how to apply your makeup and let your professionalism shine through.